Shazia Mansuri



Hi there— I'm Shazia. 

[shah - zee - ya] • the fragrance of the rose

Currently a senior at Rutgers studying Information Technology & Informatics, Cognitive Science and Business, particularly interested in user experience design, design research and design strategy. Some of my favorite classes so far have been: Information Design, Linguistics, Social Media & the Internet, and Cognitive Science & Decision Making.

Currently interning @frogdesign in NY! Previously, I was a co-op @Johnson&Johnson, intern @Time Inc., @Forbes, @Johnson&Johnson, and extern @Google@Bloomberg - I'm on a mission to learn what the insides of all the places I admire look like and how I can be valuable to the life-changing work they do. 

90% of the time you can find me: working on branding projects for friends, baking peach+strawberry galettes, listening to your perfect coffeehouse collection on Spotify or practicing the ukulele. The other 10% of the time I'm wandering around my garden in a quest to grow all my own food. It's a work in progress. 

fun fact: I have grapheme-color synesthesia, a cognitive phenomenon where senses collide and visual processing correlates vivid colors with numbers and words - check out this cool research paper about potential links to creativity! 

Download résumé here.